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Student Visa

Procuring the essential education confidentlyleads a student’s path to bright future and success.


Candidate aspires to acquire education in foreign destination to expand his career perspectives and needs a student’s visa to go after his dreams. This type of visa requires an ample amount of paperwork and has a series of procedures that one requires to follow. This can be elaborate and tiresome course for a candidate already dealing with a lot of burden. At Flyhigh Overseas we intend to accomplish this process effortless and hassle free for all our patrons.

Comprehensive counselling by our professional counsellors, giving priorities to the requirements of the students cooperates students to navigate through the route leading to the fulfilment of his dreams. The search for the most appropriate placement is carried by our professional team to offer the outstanding career options to the student at their selected destination. The applicants are helped and guided to meet the legal requirements to complete their course of choice.

The students visa is valid up to the certain period of time depending upon the course selected by the candidate and requires an elaborate series of checking before being granted to the students. Some countries also allow the students to work while they are perceiving their goals to meet their daily requirements, while in some of the courses the work permit is not being granted. The rules and regulations varies from country to country and from course to course that is being selected by the candidate. There is a vivid range of rules and regulations that are to laid by the immigration board of various countries which are ought to be followed by the applicants during the course of time. We at Flyhigh Overseas indulged in this profession ensures that we make you aware of each and every guideline and cover all your bases and prepare you for all the possible eventualities. In some cases there is possibility that student might have been registered to the university abroad but their visa might get rejected, having professional help like us in such situations can turn out to be fruitful.

Substantially there are two stages of this application process, one is to apply for the college and one to apply for visa. The application for students visa requires an checklist of the documents required to be attached along with the application such as acceptance letter from the university you applied to, your English proficiency exam results, along with the other recommendation letters to be gathered prior to the submission of the application for the students visa.

It is crucial that the applicant is well prepared for the interview of the students visa. The interview persuades the consulate about the purpose of the applicant and it is important to get it on the spot. We at Flyhigh Overseas help you to prepare for the interview in a the same pattern and makes you cognizant about the questions that can be asked to you at the time of interview. This is the most crucial step of students visa and can be handled with the professional help from the professional like Flyhigh Overseas.

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United Kingdom

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